Inviting you to a better life

“My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”  —John 10:10

At Grace City we demonstrate how people can experience a better life through Jesus—
better marriage, better family, better finances, better relationships, even better health.

•  Non-denominational

•  Bible-based learning

•  Casual atmosphere

•  Weekly communion

•  Praise music

•  Childcare available

I was at a party when a young man said to me, “I’m into God. Just not the church.”  Does that resonate with you?

Are you turned off less by the idea of God than by what you’ve experienced in your life from people who follow God?

Grace City is a different kind of church. Take a look at these videos to see what I mean. —Pastor Kevin


Practice what you preach. Sounds so easy! Then why do so many Christians struggle to do it?


How do you make the best news ever boring? A lot of churches have nailed that one. 


Churches can some times get so caught up in their own concerns that they lose sight of the needs of their community. 


Have you been told that faith and reason can’t coexist? That believing what modern science teaches leaves no room for God?


Billy Graham used to say that Sunday morning at 11:00 was the most segregated hour in America. At Grace City people from different backgrounds aren’t just tolerated, or even welcomed—they are desired.


My mom was a strong woman who used her gifts in a variety of places—except the church where I grew up.

We are meeting at 10:00 am on Sundays following the social distancing protocol as well as streaming our service live.

Pastor Kevin

Kevin Carlson

Pastor Kevin is nearly an AZ native having moved here at age 3.  He has previously planted churches in Mesa and in Boise, Idaho. He is married to Brenda and has 2 sons, Jonah and Benny.

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